Christian Kuras


I am fascinated by the long history of making pictures of the unrepresentable, the attempt to depict what must ultimately remain unshareable, subjective, internal. Language, in the broadest sense, underpins each painting, mixing references to the symbolic and the representational; to materiality and the narratives we use to situate it. I continually return to the ways by which we tell ourselves all kinds of stories to make sense of the world, and this process constitutes the subject matter of my paintings. My source imagery is largely imagined: I draw on real and imagined memories, mementos of significant places, and the various traditions of religious or spiritual art in which there is an attempt at revealing otherwise unknowable aspects of the world.

Christian Kuras lives in suburban Manchester, England.

Much of his work is collaborative. Please see:


Christian Kuras lives in Manchester, England. He was born in Warsaw, Poland, and immigrated with his family to Canada as a child. He immigrated again as an adult, this time to the UK. These migrations inform his work, and they have shaped his sense of place and identity. In the past ten years he has worked extensively in collaboration with other artists in addition to his painting practice. As part of the collaborative duo Kuras&MacKenzie, he has exhibited regularly in the USA, Canada and Europe.